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Julien LECOQ, 39 Av. Stephen Liegeard, 06100 Nice ; SIREN : 879 502 961


Visits are in English or in French, and can be adapted and combined on request.

Departure from 06.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m. everyday. Tours timings are approximate (meeting points and traffic).

5 people max. / tour (or more on special request) - (no minimum place).

All customers are insured during transportation, except when boarding or leaving the vehicle. During the tour, you are under your own responsibility.

Warning : A good physical condition is required. We walk on stony and rocky paths, sometimes even in puddles or small streams. Flip flops are not allowed. Good shoes are recommended, especially for the tour # 2.

Your behaviour must respect the principles of protection and preservation of nature.

Dogs are not allowed.



Nice Geowonders can not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage of personal effects, weather conditions and heavy traffic. We apologize in advance.

Nice Food Tasting

NICE GEOWONDERS is glad to offer a generous tasting of Nizza's most famous recipes...


Contains Socca chips (1 bag for two people), a piece of pissaladière and a pan bagnat.
One bottle of water per person is provided (1 L).

Point out any potential allergies (contains gluten, eggs, fish, wheat, milk, peanuts).



NICE GEOWONDERS proposes for you : - a Door to door service on request.

                                   - 2 meeting points in Nice :

3 Boulevard Comte de Falicon, 06100 Nice

Tramway station line 1 : Comte de Falicon

Place du Général de Gaulle, 06100 Nice

Tramway station line 1 : LIBERATION


Adult           Child  (12 to 16)       (5 to 11)

Tour 1 - Inside the volcano :

Tour 2 - Out of time valley :

Tour 3 - Jurassic karst :

Tour 4 - Malpasset dam :

Custom Tour :

Sunrise / Sunset View of Nice :

€ 100

€ 90

€ 110

€ 100

€ 130

€ 40

€ 50

€ 45

€ 55

€ 50

€ 65

€ 20

€ 15

€ 15

€ 15

€ 15

€ 20

€ 10

The prices displayed are per person and do not take in account current special offers.

Minor children must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult.





- Is it hard ?

These tours do not present any particular difficulties and are accessible to the majority of us.

However, you need to be in good physical condition (be able to walk on trails for 2 or 3 hours).


- Starting at what age ?

To participate in this adventure, the minimum age required is 5 years old. This activity can be enjoyed by young children looking for natural discoveries and adapted sciences... Minors must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult.


- Can we change the meeting point ?

Yes !

You have to request it when you book your tour or your custom tour : Door to door service

Contact us for more informations.


- Can we pay with a credit card ?

Not yet, payment in cash or by cheque only.

Payment is to be made at the start of the tour.


- What should I bring with me ?

Good shoes, suitable clothing and maybe some more water in summer because of the heat !


- What to do in case of rain or if the weather is uncertain ?

The safety and the comfort of my customers come first !

All tours are therefore unfortunately not continuously accessible.

You will be informed as soon as possible in case of cancellation and will of course be fully refunded if you have already paid.


- Are there dinosaurs on the tour # 2 ?

No because they are supposed to be extinct for 65 million years, unless...




For any question or special request, you can contact us directly by phone or by email.



+33 6 71 04 37 03


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